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AQUAMOBIL - Principle & Application



  • Introduced and proved by international catastrophe protection organizations and the NATO armed forces
  • Quick and ready for action in shower systems for hygienic purposes, and in cases of chemical, biological and radioactive contamination
  • Water can be drawn from transportable water tanks, natural resources (e.g. rivers and lakes) or from a conventional water supply
  • Power can be drawn from a generator or a conventional power supply
  • Equipped for showering with temperature regulated water and the simultaneous operation of a heater
  • Easy service and maintenance. Low emission of noise
  • Easy to transport with no need for special vehicles

Complete shower system

with an undressing tent for depositing (possibly contaminated) garments, a shower tent with six shower nozzles and two hand-held showers, and a tent for dressing and medical care. The tent heater ZHWL is placed such that contaminated air cannot enter into the clean area of the dressing tent.

The supply pump VPHZ provides the flow heater with water, which in turn provides the tent heater with hot heating water. The shower installation is supplied directly from the flow heater with thermostatically controlled water.

Water for the shower system and the tent heater is supplied by the public water supply, a mobile water tank or from natural water resources. Waste water is pumped by the drainage pump EP into a waste water container.

Our mobile water supply and shower systems are designed for fast and reliable use in the event of an emergency. All the components are matched and are manufactured to withstand extreme conditions. The system can be operated, drawing power either from a conventional power supply or from a generator. The showers are equipped with special water saving nozzles. The flow heater DH6 has a capacity to shower 90 people per hour when six shower nozzles are in operation, and the time of showering is four minutes per person. During the four minute period, each nozzle supplies 33 litres of shower water.

Using the flow heater DH5, with the same consumption of water and time of showering per person, a shower capacity of approximately 55 people per hour is possible, when four shower nozzles are in operation.