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SWINGFOG - Principle


Swingfog fogging machines run with regular grade gasoline (petrol) in accordance with the Swingfire principle. A fuel/air mixture is ignited in the combustion chamber and the deflagrations oscillate a column of gas in the resonator pipe between 80 and 110 times per second (depending on the type of machine). At the end of the resonator, the fogging mixture is 4-5 msec injected into the air stream emerging at high velocity, and is dispersed into fine aerosol droplets, which are distributed into an extensive, dense fog. Fuel and fogging mixture are conveyed by a small positive pressure in the tanks*. The system has, with the exception of diaphragms, no moving parts and, therefore, practically no wear.

*For the SN 81 Pump and SN 101 Pump types, the fogging mixture is drawn by an electrically driven stainless steel pump.

Power supply – Power consumption

Electrical energy is only required to start the machines, it is not required for ignition during operation.
The battery capacity is selected to match the power consumption of the magnetic valve of the automatic
cut-off device and the fog on/off functions of Swingfog SN 81 Pump and all SN 101 types,
as well as for the operation of the electrically driven feeding pump for the fogging mixture of Swingfog
SN 81 Pump and SN 101 Pump.