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At the end of the 1940’s,

the first Swingfog thermal fogging machine was
developed and built.

Mosquito control at the Lake of Constance Mosquito control at the Lake of Constance

In the early days: Mosquito control
at the Lake of Constance, Germany

Today, Swingfog means: Engineering at a high level
combined with a complete utilization of know-how.
In other words: Technology and application under
one roof.

We are certified as compliant with

Swingfog fogging technology is the efficient and
economic method for:

• Mosquito and pest control

• Plant protection in plantations and greenhouses

• Stock protection in warehouses, silos and plants
for processing foodstuffs, agricultural products,
textiles and tobacco

• Disinfection in the foodstuff industry, in areas
occupied by people and in the livestock industry

Originally, the engine principle served for the
propulsion of rockets. Further development of this
technology resulted in the so-called Swingfire
process. The idea has been successful in the market
for more than 60 years, and the Swingfog brand
name has become synonymous worldwide for
thermal fog technology. Our present manufacturing
programme is the result of our competence and
experience, continuous development, as well as
the permanent improvement of our products.

Andes / Amazon expedition 1951 with Swingfog Andes / Amazon expedition 1951 with Swingfog

Andes/Amazon expedition 1951
with Swingfog