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FONTAN Eletrically driven - Product overview


Fontan Compactstar ULV cold fogger with
ablower/stator system. Available with two types
of chemical tank, 15 l or 34 l capacity.
Semi-automatic spraying operation.
A timer is available as optional accessory

FONTAN Compactstar

Fontan Turbostar ULV cold fogger with
a blower/stator system, height adjustable.
Chemical tank, capacity 34 l.
Programmable fully automatic operation.
Fontan Compactstar and Fontan Turbostar
are identical with regard to output capacity
and droplet quality.

FONTAN Turbostar

Fontan Twinstar ULV cold fogger with two
height adjustable blower/stator systems that can
be operated in opposite direction or in parallel.
Programmable fully automatic operation.

In comparison with the Fontan Compactstar or the
Fontan Turbostar the Fontan Twinstar has double
the output capacity with the same droplet quality.

FONTAN Twinstar

FONTAN Starlet Fontan Starlet ULV/LV cold fogger, portable,
with a spray gun that has a trigger for intermittent
fogging and a locking device for continuous
The spray gun can be hand-operated or fixed at
the machine.
Available with three types of chemical tank having
capacities of 6.3 or 11.3 or 34 l.
The Fontan Starlet can either be operated in the
ULV (Ultra Low Volume) or in the LV (Low Volume)
spraying mode.
The Fontan Starlet is designed to treat small rooms
or greenhouse areas and is especially suited for
disinfection purposes.
The Fontan Starlet can be supplied in a standard
version (housing made of lacquered steel) or in
a stainless steel version, that is ideal for
“Cleanroom” treatment.