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FONTAN Fuel driven - Product overview


Fontan Portastar
Knapsack ULV aerosol applicator, equipped with:

• 2.0 hp two-stroke engine
• Maintenance-free, low pressure compressor
• Ergonomically designed spray gun with a trigger
for intermittent or continuous fogging

Delivery of the spraying liquid is achieved through
a negative pressure in the chemical tank. The flow
rate (litres per hour) is determined by easily
interchangeable dosage nozzles:

Nozzle 30 - 1 l/h
Nozzle 45 - 2 l/h
Nozzle 58 - 3 l/h
Nozzle 68 - 4 l/h
Nozzle 84 - 6 l/h
Without nozzle- 17 l/h
FONTAN Portastar FONTAN Portastar

The droplet spectrum VMD (Volume Median
Diameter) is < 30 μm, no matter which of the
above nozzles is used.

FONTAN Mobilstar
Spraying modes and flow rates
ULV – flow rate 5 – 50 l/h
ULV-Plus – flow rate 51 – 100 l/h
LV – flow rate 5 – 100 l/h

Fontan Mobilstar
Without nozzle- 17 l/h

• A 16 or 18 hp four-stroke engine with electrical starter (also fitted with a manual backup starter)
• A fuel tank with a capacity of 20 l and level indicator
• A dry running side channel compressor
• Two universally adjustable spraying heads
• An illuminated control panel/remote control for
operating all functions of the applicator
• A flushing tank for automatic cleaning of the feed lines and spraying heads.

Model M

The flow rate (litres per hour) is set manually using the flow meter. Delivery of the spraying mixture is achieved by a positive pressure in the chemical tank. The output quantity is calibrated manually.

Model E

The flow rate (litres per hour) is entered, via buttons,
on the control panel/remote control and shown on the display.
Delivery of the spraying mixture is achieved by a chemical resistant stainless steel gear pump which draws the spraying mixture from the chemical tank. The output quantity can be calibrated electronically.

Model ER

This top of the range model is equipped the same
as the model E, however the flow rate of the
spraying liquid can either be set to “litres per hour”
or “litres per kilometre”.

The applicator is fitted with a radar system which in enables the flow rate to be synchronized to speed when the device is set to l/km.
The radar system operates in a speed range of
between 3 and 25 km/h

Within this speed range, the output quantity is
controlled exactly such that an even coverage is
achieved, independently from the vehicle speed.