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FONTAN ULV Cold fogging Applicators - fuel driven

The first engine driven Fontan
mistblower was designed and developed more than 60 years ago. At that time, it was already possible to equip the machines with a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) attachment for the generation of fine aerosol droplets.

FONTAN Twinstar FONTAN Twinstar FONTAN Mobilstar FONTAN Mobilstar FONTAN Compactstar FONTAN Compactstar FONTAN Starlet FONTAN Starlet

Our engineers and specialists recognized, at an early stage, the high application potential of aerosol
spraying technology and subsequently developed this further.

In 1978, the Fontan ULV-R was introduced intothe market. This proved to be a milestone in cold fogging technology, because it was the first motorized device in the world that could be used in the form of a knapsack and that was designed specially for ULV applications.

Today, our activities are concentrated on ULV technology and thousands of our products are successfully in use throughout the world with health organizations in the combat of mosquitoes and in vector control.

It is our belief that the Fontan Portastar and the Fontan Mobilstar are currently the most modern and technically advanced devices of their type. An important aspect of our company’s philosophy is the continuous improvement of the existing product range. In the fields of engineering, design and development we employ highly qualified people, using the most modern computer
technology, to optimise our products and to develop new projects. We pay much attention to continuous consultation of our customers, users and suppliers. Careful controls applied during material procurement, production processing and final acceptance testing ensure that we maintain our well acknowledged standard of quality.


FONTAN ULV Cold fogging Applicators - electrically driven

One of the first FONTAN knapsack mistblowers One of the first FONTAN knapsack mistblowers In spraying terms,
ULV (Ultra Low Volume) is defined as the smallest volume of liquid required which is necessary to achieve the treatment objective. Generally, using the ULV spraying mode, the quantity of spraying
liquid required lies between 0.5 and 50 litres per hectare, depending on the environment and treatment objective. As a rule, for mosquito control, the volume required tends to be at the lower end of the range, whereas for plant protection in plantations and greenhouses, it is at the higher end of the range.

Fontan ULV-E unser erstes elektrisch betriebenes ULV-Kaltnebelgerät
In 1979, we introduced the first electrically driven Fontan ULV fine spraying applicator into the market, which founded our reputation as pioneers of fine spraying technology. The current programme of
modern and efficient ULV aerosol generators is based on our wealth of experience.

Fontan is our range of ULV cold fogging applicators
for the efficient and economic control of insects,
pests, fungi, viruses and bacteria:

• Plant protection in greenhouses for ornamental plants, fruit and vegetables

• Stock protection in warehouses, silos and plants for processing foodstuffs,
agricultural products, textiles and tobacco

• Health and hygiene in public, private and commercial areas and also in the livestock industry (pest control, inhalation vaccination in intensive animal keeping)

• Disinfection measures in areas occupied by people and also in the livestock and foodstuff industries

We are certified as compliant with DIN EN ISO 9001.