fontan® ULV Cold Fogging

In spraying technology, ULV (Ultra Low Volume) is defined as the lowest required dosage rate of liquid to achieve the objective of treatment.

Swingtec offers a complete line of petrol-powered and electrically driven ULV cold foggers.


All fontan® cold fogging aerosol generators are equipped with oil- and maintenance-free low-pressure compressors. The compressors generate a high-velocity air stream, which is further accelerated in the swirl vane of the nozzle system.

The fog liquid is thus processed into fine aerosol droplets, with which optimal distribution and coverage is achieved. This provides high efficacy and depth of penetration.

The modern technology of the devices and the economical use of preparations (without drip loss) meet both economic and ecological objectives.

All metal parts that come into contact with the fog liquid are made of stainless steel.

We placed greatest possible emphasis on usage safety in order to rule out incorrect operation.


Our petrol-powered fontan® Portastar S and fontan® Mobilstar cold foggers are designed for outdoor use in:

– Large-scale mosquito, pest and parasite control
– Desert locust control
– Spraying of larvicides
– Plant protection measures in tropical plantations

The electrically driven cold foggers fontan®Turbostar, fontan® Twinstar, fontan® Compactstar and fontan® Starlet are used to treat interiors.

– Plant protection measures in greenhouses
– Stock protection (warehouses, silos, production plants for food, agricultural products, textiles and tobacco)
– General pest control
– Disinfection measures in the food industry and in livestock farming
– Disinfection in hospitals and public areas