fontan® Mobilstar

Petrol-powered, mobile cold fog aerosol applicator

fontan® Mobilstar M

The fontan® Mobilstar M is equipped with fixed nozzles with a defined spray output and can be operated using the ULV, the ULV-Plus and the LV spraying methods.

Other transportable ULV devices are generally equipped with manually adjustable flow meters. In those cases, the selected spray output can be inadvertently or purposely changed, which can lead to improper use.
The fixed nozzles exclude such manipulations and ensure a proper application.
The device comes with a 69 l stainless steel spraying tank.
The fontan® Mobilstar M is characterised by its ease-of-use and ultimate usage safety.

Control unit/remote control, fontan® Mobilstar M

Motor start, and rotary switch for spraying, stop and rinsing. The functions spraying and rinsing as well as the spraying modes ULV and LV and the warning of empty fog liquid tank are indicated by LEDs. The hourmeter records the duration of use.


fontan® Mobilstar E

All functions of the fontan® Mobilstar E are entered electronically on the control unit / remote control via buttons.

Control unit/remote control, fontan® Mobilstar E and ER

Select ULV, ULV-Plus, and LV spraying mode (indicated by LEDs)

Set l/h operating mode (indicated by LED)

Enter the desired flow rate (shown on the display)

Confirm button for the preselected spraying programme

The spraying and rinsing functions are indicated by LEDs.

The operating hours can be called up at the press of a button (shown on the display)


fontan® Mobilstar ER

The control unit/remote control of the Mobilstar ER is identical to the control unit/remote control of the Mobilstar E.

However, the ER model also allows a variable flow rate l/km in addition to the constant spray output l/h of the fontan® Mobilstar M.

The vehicle speed, operating hours and the kilometres driven can be called up by pressing a button and are shown on the display.

The l/km mode is indicated by an LED and the flow rate is entered on the control unit/remote control.

The correct flow rate l/km is regulated by a built-in GPS.

The GPS measures the vehicle speed and automatically synchronises the flow rate to the speed.

Spraying is halted when the vehicle stops, and this is indicated by a red LED (left hand side).

Spraying resumes when the vehicle is moving again, and the flow rate is variably controlled by GPS based on the speed, within a range of 3 to 25 km/h.

Three green LEDs indicate that the vehicle is driven within the proper speed range.

If the vehicle is too fast, an acoustic warning signal sounds and the red LED on the right hand side lights up. The driver now has 20 seconds to reduce speed and return the vehicle to the correct green LED range.

If the vehicle travels too fast for more than 20 seconds, the device is automatically switched off, as proper use is impossible when the speed is continuously too high.

In the l/km operating mode an even distribution of the aerosol droplets is achieved and an over- and under-dosage of the fog liquid is prevented. The variable spray output also results in significant savings of costly chemical preparations.

Security codes for fontan® Mobilstar E and ER

To prevent tampering, the following functions can be locked by code:

  • Spray modes ULV, ULV-Plus and LV, and
  • the flow rate l/h (Mobilstar E) and the flow rates l/h or l/km (Mobilstar ER)

The functions can be unlocked by entering a code.

Technical data
(Approximate values)
87 x 75 x 95 cm (without fog liquid tank)
Empty weight
fontan® Mobilstar M, 135 kg (including stainless steel fog liquid tank, 69 l)
fontan® Mobilstar E and ER, 127 kg (without fog liquid tank)
Optional 16 or 18 hp
2 cylinder 4-stroke motor with generator, air-cooled
Cubic capacity
480 cm³ (16 hp), 570 cm³ (18 hp)
11.76 kW (16 hp), 13.24 kW (18 hp)
3000 rpm, fixed setting
Electric (additional manual recoil starter)
Magnetron system
12 V/36 Ah dry cell battery (optional accessory)
Petrol tank
20 l with suction set and level indicator (standard jerrycan)
Petrol consumption
4 l/h, leaded or unleaded
Rinsing tank
5 l polyethylene
Spray data (measured with water)
ULV mode
5 to 50 l/h, droplet spectrum VMD (Volume Median Diameter) < 30 μm. The VMD value corresponds to the actual specifications of the WHO (World Health Organization).
ULV-Plus mode
51 to 100 l/h, droplet size 80% < 40 μm
LV mode
5 to 100 l/h, droplet size VMD ≈ 75/100 μm, depending on the flow rate


Spraying device

Low-pressure system with two horizontally and vertically adjustable spray heads made of corrosion-resistant material. Droplet processing by swirl vane and high-velocity air flow.

Fog liquid conveyance

fontan® Mobilstar M

69 l stainless steel fog liquid tank with drainage device Standard accessory Mobilstar M The fog liquid is conveyed by means of overpressure of 0.35 bar in the fog liquid tank. The solution line is connected to the fog liquid tank via a quick coupling.

fontan® Mobilstar E und ER The fog liquid is conveyed from a separate tank by a stainless steel gear pump with dry run protection. The solution line is connected to the fog liquid tanks via a quick coupling.


Optional accessories

Only for fontan® Mobilstar E und ER

Fog liquid tank options
80 l polyethylene
150 l polyethylene

Examples of fog liquid tanks Tanks with capacities of 80 l, 150 l, 300 l, 500 l (polyethylene) and 69 l (stainless steel) are available. The tanks are equipped with a quick-coupling for connecting the solution line as well as with a ventilation at the tank cap. A drain hose with quick-coupling and ball valve is also included.


High performance dry cell battery 12 V, 36 Ah (for all fontan® Mobilstar models)


Device for treatment of sewage (for all fontan® Mobilstar models)

Accessories for the treatment of sewers consisting of air hose, fog liquid hose, spray head and duct cover


Only for fontan® Mobilstar M Special dosing nozzles

In completion to the standard set of nozzles, also nozzles with specific flow rates (l/h) are available.