fontan® Starlet

Electrically driven ULV/LV cold fog applicator, portable
The device is operated stationary and is equipped with a spray gun. It is designed for the treatment of small areas/room of up to 500 m²/2000 m³.
The fontan® Starlet can be operated using either the ULV (Ultra Low Volume) or LV (Low Volume)* spraying mode.
Two different versions of the device are available: a standard version with a brush-type motor and a stainless steel version with a brushless turbine.
The stainless steel version was specially developed for disinfection measures with aggressive chemical preparations.
The brushless turbine has no abrasion and is suitable for clean room use.
Three sizes of polyethylene tanks are available for the fontan® Starlet: 6 l, 11 l and 34 l. The tanks are supplied with suitable tank holders.
* only Starlet stainless steel version
Technical data
(Approximate values)
37 x 30 x 36 cm (without fog liquid tank)
Empty weight
12.7 kg (standard version), 11.0 kg (stainless steel version)
1.5 kW single phase AC (standard version),
1.2 kW single phase AC (stainless steel version)
Output (measured with water)
Standard Version
ULV 0.8 l/h up to 7.9 l/h, depending on the dosing nozzle used,
without nozzle 10.7 l/h

Stainless steel version
ULV 0.7 l/h up to 6.5 l/h depending on the dosing nozzle used,
without nozzle 8.7 l/h
LV 1.7 l up to 25.8 l/h depending on the dosing nozzle used,
without nozzle 41.0 l/h
The volume median diameter (VMD) for all standard dosing nozzles (stainless steel) is < 30 μm with the ULV mode.
Spray gun
Spray gun with hand lever for interval fogging (ON/OFF) and with locking mechanism for continuous fogging.
Optional Accessories
Tank options
Fog liquid tank 6 l
Fog liquid tank 11 l
Fog liquid tank 34 l
The fog liquid tanks are delivered with suitable tank holders.
Special dosing nozzles, stainless steel
30, 45, 58, 84, 100 und 120
Remote control
Remote control, radio-controlled,
Transmitter and receiver
Fog liquid hose extension

Air and fog liquid hose extensions with connectors, approx. 2 m long