Water Flow Heater AquaMobil® DH5

This device is designed for mobile or stationary use. It is mounted in a solid tubular frame and can be carried on four handles. The shower capacity is designed for 55 people per hour with four shower heads in operation, a shower duration of four minutes and a water consumption of about 33 litres per shower nozzle.
Technical data
(Approximate values)
48 x 55 x 140 cm (without chimney), height with chimney 207 cm
100 kg
Diesel oil, heating oil or kerosene
Fuel supply
with connection to a 20 l standard jerrycan
Heating coil and piping
Exhaust chimney
Stainless steel, double-walled, can be touched without risk of burns. The chimney can be mounted and removed.
1-stage with automatic burner control, Weishaupt type, protection class IP43
Burner power
63 kW
Water flow rate
500 up to 2200 l/h
Temperature increase
30°C at 1800 l/h
Shower water temperature
Thermostatic controlled, infinitively variable, with fuser setting at 38° C
Maximum temperature
95° C
Water connections
Water inlet, fixed D-coupling, with filter and cleaning access
Shower water outlet, fixed D-coupling, with shut-off ball valve
Hot water outlet, fixed D-coupling, with shut-off ball valve
Power consumption
400 Watt
Supply voltage
230 V/50 Hz or 110 V/60 Hz
Main plug
waterproof, protection class IP67
RAL 3000, fire red (other RAL colours on request)
Optional Accessories
Fuel tank
Jerrycan, 20 l with level indicator