fontan® Compactstar

Electrically driven ULV cold fog aerosol applicator
Different from our fully automatic working fontan® Turbostar and fontan® Twinstar devices, the fontan® Compactstar is a semi-automatic working machine.
The device is started manually and stops automatically when the fog liquid tank is empty or after the preselected amount of fog liquid has been discharged.
The solution line and the nozzle system are rinsed manually from the rinsing bottle.
The stator in the ventilator tube developed in a wind tunnel by Swingtec® allows the treatment of large surfaces/rooms from one position, without moving the device.
With the stator, a uniform horizontal and vertical droplet distribution over an area of approx. 60 x 40 m is achieved.
Significantly larger areas/rooms can be treated when additional fans are installed.
The low-pressure system of 0.35 bar permits the use of nozzles with relatively large diameters, which means that also suspended powder preparations can be easily discharged.
Technical data
(Approximate values)
65 x 40 x 84 cm (without fog liquid tank)
Empty weight
35 kg (without fog liquid tank)
Axial ventilator with stator
Air flow 4850 m³/h
1.1 kW single phase AC
Fog liquid tank
15 l or 34 l
Mixing device in the fog liquid tank
Pneumatic (function can be disabled)
Rinsing bottle
1.0 l
Output (measured with water)
2.9 l/h to 8.6 l/h depending on the dosing nozzle used
The volume median diameter (VMD) for all standard dosing nozzles (stainless steel) is < 30 μm.
Fog liquid tank options
Polyethylene 15 l
Polyethylene 34 l
Both with pneumatic mixing device and connections
Optional Accessories
Special dosing nozzles, stainless steel
100 and 120
for automatic start