Drainage Pump AquaMobil® EP

Shower systems (waste water) can be automatically drained with the EP pump. The pump handles dirt particles up to a size of 10 mm and is installed in a stainless steel container.

Technical data
(Approximate values)
Submerged pump, protection class IP55
35 x 26 x 30 cm
9 kg
Power consumption
0.6 kW
Supply voltage
230 V/50 Hz or 110 V/60 Hz
Automatic, ON at a water level of 40 mm, OFF by level switch
Max. 4000 l/h, pressure max. 0.8 bar
Main plug
waterproof, protection class IP67
Water connections
Water inlet C-coupling
Water outlet D-coupling
Shower bar
Our shower system is available in aluminium tubing or in stainless steel for drinking water compatibility.
The system is suitable to be installed in tents or in shower containers.
It consists out of two separate shower bars (the length must be specified). Each shower bar consists again of two parts which are screwed.

The scope of delivery includes:
- 6 or 4 water-saving special water saving shower nozzles
- 2 hand showers with flexible hose
The shower nozzles and the hand showers can be individually turned on and off.
The hand showers are connected with quick couplings.
- Flexible hose with D-couplings for connecting the two shower bars
- Flexible hose with D-couplings for connection to the water supply of the water flow heater
The supply hose can be connected to each of the two shower bars.
The unused connection couplings are closed with blind covers.
Water hoses
25 x 5 mm with D-couplings
Hot water resistant up to 100°C
Pressure resistant up to 20 bar
The hoses can be coupled

Length 2.5 m
Length 5 m
Length 10 m
Length 20 m