Water Flow Heater AquaMobil® DH7

This device is designed for mobile or stationary use. It is installed in a solid tubular frame and it can be carried on four handles or wheeled by means of two wheels located inside the frame. The shower capacity is designed for 90 people per hour with six shower heads in operation, a shower duration of four minutes and a water consumption of about 33 litres per shower nozzle. The device meets the strict requirements of the German Drinking Water Legal Regulation.

Technical data
(Approximate values)
60 x 60 x 133 cm (including wheels, without chimney), height with chimney 170 cm
145 kg
Diesel oil, heating oil or kerosene
Fuel supply
with connection to a 20 l standard jerrycan
Heating coil and piping
Stainless steel
Exhaust chimney
Stainless steel, double-walled, can be touched without risk of burns. The chimney can be mounted and removed.
2-stage with automatic burner control, Weishaupt type, protection class IP43
Burner power
95 kW
Water flow rate
500 up to 3000 l/h
Temperature increase
30°C at 2700 l/h
Shower water temperature
Thermostatic controlled, infinitively variable, with fuser setting at 38°C
Maximum temperature
95° C
Water connections
Water inlet, fixed D-coupling, stainless steel, with filter and cleaning access
Shower water outlet, two fixed D-couplings, stainless steel, each with a shut-off ball valve
Hot water outlet, two fixed D-couplings, stainless steel, each with shut-off ball valve
Power consumption
400 Watt
Supply voltage
230 V/50 Hz or 110 V/60 Hz
Main plug
waterproof, protection class IP67
RAL 3000, fire red (other RAL colours on request)
Optional Accessories
Fuel tank
Jerrycan, 20 l with level indicator