SN 50

Shoulder carried, stationary or mobile operation.

Four spraying tank options made of stainless steel or polyethylene are available.

Petrol tanks are made of stainless steel. The devices are started manually via an air pump.

Power is supplied by four dry cell batteries with a capacity of 1.5 V each.

Technical data
(Approximate values)
133 x 29 x 33 cm (SN 50 and SN 50 PE)
133 x 34 x 33 cm (SN 50-10 and SN 50-10 PE)
Empty weight
8.7 kg (SN 50 and SN 50 PE)
9 kg (SN 50-10 and SN 50-10 PE)
Fog liquid tank
6.5 l stainless steel (SN 50)
7.0 l polyethylene (SN 50 PE)
9.0 l stainless steel (SN 50-10)
10 l polyethylene (SN 50-10 PE)
Petrol tank
1.4 l stainless steel
Petrol consumption
2 l/h, unleaded or leaded
18.7 kW / 25.4 hp (16100 kcal/h)
Output (measured with water)
10 l/h up to 42 l/h, depending on the dosing nozzle used
Fog liquid tanks
6.5 l stainless steel, SN 50
7 l polyethylene, SN 50 PE
9 l stainless steel, SN 50-10
10 l polyethylene,
SN 50-10 PE
Automatic cut-off device for the fog liquid
On request, all models of the device are also available with the automatic cut-off device for the fog liquid.
Special version SN 50 A
Sonderversion Nebelauslass SN 50A
With the special fog outlet of the swingfog® SN 50 A fog can be directed into small openings, e.g. into sewers and buildings.

Another use is the eradication of leaf-cutting ants in underground burrows. In these situations, the fog outlet is placed directly into one or two entrances of the structure and the entire burrow is saturated with fog.

All versions of the swingfog® SN 50 A are equipped with an automatic cut-off device for the fog liquid.

The swingfog® SN 50 A is available with all four tank options for the fog liquid.
Optional Accessories
Patented high-performance fog tube, specially designed for the application of water-based fog liquids
Water-based fog liquids with output volumes of up to 32 l/h are discharged in an optimal droplet spectrum. Such a good droplet spectrum at high output quantities can otherwise only be achieved with oily fog liquids.

(Not suitable for swingfog® SN 50 A)
The muffler is available for all SN 50 models.
Special dosing nozzles